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International Partnership Development Fund (IPDF)

The University established an International Partnership Development Fund (IPDF) in 2013 to drive strategic international collaboration.

The IPDF is intended to support the development of sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships that raise the University's profile internationally, and provides funding for a range of initiatives, including student mobility programmes, new teaching programme development and exploratory research initiatives.

The IPDF currently supports the following schemes:

Sussex-Renmin Joint Seed Fund

Run by International Partnerships and Renmin University of China, this strategic joint seed fund will contribute to capacity building at both institutions and support joint collaborative research with global impact. The fund aims to deepen exitsing collaborations and encourage larger external funding sources. 

The fund is open to staff from Sussex and Renmin University of China. In 2017, two awards were madeA second round is due to launch in September 2018, with awards anticipated to be made in December 2018. Further details about the first round of the scheme can be found in the Sussex-Renmin Strategic Fund specification and the Sussex-Renmin Strategic Fund ApplicationPlease note this is for information only as both documents are likely to change in future rounds.

For more information or to discuss an application, please contact the International Partnerships Office.

Sussex-Ghana Strategic Fund

Run by International Partnerships at Sussex, and the University of Ghana, this fund is designed to cultivate or expand research and teaching collaborations to address global challenges, and to contribute to capacity building at both universities. The fund aims to build on the successes of existing collaborations with the University of Ghana.

Staff from both Sussex and the University of Ghana can apply to this fund. Applications open on 23 January 2017. Further details about the scheme are available in the Sussex-Ghana Strategic Fund specification and the Sussex-Ghana Strategic Fund Application. Please note that this is for information only as both documents may change in any future rounds.

For more information or to discuss an application, please contact the International Office lead for the University of Ghana, Peter Boddy.

Global Excellence Summer Programme

Run by International Partnerships in collaboration with Sussex Abroad, the Global Excellence Summer Programme provides outstanding opportunities for Sussex undergraduates to study abroad during the summer period, with the aim of strengthening ties with prominent institutional partners, while increasing student mobility, promoting - and widening access to - study abroad and providing exceptional language and cultural experiences. In 2016, the programme placed over 100 Sussex students at leading institutional partners for undergraduate research and taught language, cultural and academic programmes. Host universities have included Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Humbodt University, Nanyang Technological University and Utrecht University.

For more information, contact the International Partnerships Office.

International Junior Research Associate (IJRA) 

Run by International Partnerships and the Doctoral School at Sussex, the International JRA scheme is a pioneering project that aims to develop future research leaders by encouraging talented and ambitious undergraduates at partner universities to consider a career in research. The scheme supports academically gifted undergraduates at close institutional partners to undertake supervised research during the summer, with a view to establishing peer-to-peer relationships between Sussex faculty and promising undergraduates at partner universities, as well as broadening the faculty connections at those institutions. Where partners operate a similar scheme, the University will seek to operate the International JRA as a reciprocal vehicle for student exchange.

For more information, contact the International Partnerships Office or Julie Carr in the Doctoral School.  

International Research Partnerships and Networks (IRPN) Fund

Run by International Partnerships and Sussex Research, the IRPN Fund invites applications from University Research Centres, Research Centres and Regional Research Centres to develop strategic international partnerships and networks, with a view to enhancing research quality and raising the global profile of the centre. The Fund is designed to facilitate sustainable research programmes that should be self-financing after the initial period of funding. Centres can apply for a maximum of £25,000 in year 1, £12,500 in year 2 and £6,250 in year 3.

The opening of the next round will be announced soon. For more information, visit the Sussex Research International Research Partnerships and Network Fund page. Enquiries should be directed to the International Partnerships Office or Debbie Foy-Everett in Sussex Research.

International recruitment partnerships funding

The IPDF provides funding for the International Office to work proactively with clusters of academic Schools to develop strategic recruitment partnerships. International recruitment partnerships enable the University to attract high quality international students from a diverse range of countries, ensuring students are well qualified for entrance to Sussex degrees, with suitable academic and language preparation, and providing sustainable channels, with opportunities to plan for the number of students admitted. Popular models include links for the recruitment of visiting ('study abroad') students, sponsor agreements, progression agreements with foundation and pre-masters providers, '2+2' articulation agreements and '1+1' and '4+1' postgraduate arrangements.

For more information, contact the International Partnerships Office.

Student Mobility Partnerships Fund

One of the University’s key goals for Teaching, Learning and the Student Experience in the Strategic Plan is that all students will have the opportunity to individualise their learning by taking part in study abroad and/or professional placements. This has led to ambitious targets for outward student mobility. This scheme was established by the International Office, with funding from the IPDF, to provide exceptional international opportunities for Sussex students. The fund will enable faculty to establish new links (or further develop existing ones) for exchange, summer schools or short study/field trips, with the aims of substantially increasing the number of Sussex undergraduate students who study abroad, creating graduates with an international outlook and enhancing the international reputation of the University and its Schools. The scheme complements the work of Sussex Abroad, which currently works with over 150 exchange partners.

The Student Mobility Partnerships Fund has now closed. For more information, contact the International Partnerships Office.