Student Recruitment and Marketing

Initial approval for new partnership development

Obtaining initial approval is the first step in developing a new arrangement, or when a proposal has been received from a potential partner institution overseas.

The initial approval process is necessary for all partnerships except those solely for research collaboration. The process ensures potential institutional partners are properly evaluated at an early stage in discussions, and that advice from relevant University departments is sought regarding the viability of proposals. The process also secures support in principle from members of the University’s executive group prior to proceeding further.

As part of the initial approval process, the proposer will need to complete an Initial approval request form [DOCX 75KB] with:

  • background information on the partner,
  • details of the School / Centre involved, and
  • a summary of the proposed arrangement.

As a general rule, in considering an initial approval request, the University's executive will consider:   

  • whether the proposed institution is an appropriate institutional partner for Sussex,
  • the strategic case to support the development of the proposed new partnership,
  • the academic credibility of the proposed arrangement, and
  • any risks involved in establishing a partnership and how these can be managed.

The flow chart below provides a step-by-step guide to the process:

Potential for collaboration identified and raised with Head of School (for faculty) or Head of Section (Professional Services).

Next stage

Initial discussion between proposer and International Partnerships (see key contacts).

Next stage

International Partnerships may direct proposer to other University units for advice, e.g. Admissions, Doctoral School, Sussex Research, Sussex Abroad, Academic Development and Quality Enhancement and / or the regional International Office lead for the country involved. 

Next stage

Proposer completes, Initial approval request form [DOCX 75KB] and submits it to International Partnerships, who will log the request and seek further information as necessary.

Next stage

International Partnerships will submit Initial approval request form to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) (for partnerships involving teaching, student mobility or recruitment), Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) (for institutional links and those with a research component) and / or Chief Operating Officer (for sponsorship agreements or agreements with a financial component).

Next stage

International Partnerships communicates the outcome to the proposer, and advises on next steps towards any agreement(s).