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Funding for Social Work Students

Funding for Social Work courses is determined by your level of study

Undergraduate Students

1st Year Students

All 1st Year Social Work students are funded by Student Finance in the same way as non-Social Work UG students, i.e. Tuition fee loan, maintenance grant and loan. Students with dependants are also eligible to qualify for the additional support grants.


2nd and 3rd Year Students

The University is given a set number of UG Social Work Bursaries each year to support English Social Work students. Students from other Home countries are NOT eligible for these awards. The awards are awarded in May for the following September.

All students are strongly advised to apply for Student Finance funding from February onward even if they think they will receive a Social Work Bursary. If a Bursary is awarded students should contact Student Finance to tell them of the change in circumstances.


No Bursary Awarded

Students without a Bursary are entitled to the mean-tested funding from Student Finance as per students on non-Social Work courses. Qualifying students will also receive the First-Generation Scholar’s scheme cash award.


Bursary Awarded

Students who receive the Social Work Bursary in their 2nd year will automatically receive it in their 3rd year. In 2015/16 the Bursary is £4,862.50 and is not means-tested.

The Social Work Bursary holders are also entitled to a reduced maintenance loan from Student Finance England as well as a tuition fee loan and any additional means-tested grants for dependants they may be eligible for.

Students who are nominated by the University will need to contact the Social Work Bursary team. Their contact details can be found here.

Postgraduate Students

The University is given a set number of PG Social Work Bursaries each year and will notify students if they are made a bursary award. If a student receives a bursary in their 1st year they will automatically receive it in their 2nd year.


The PG Social Work bursary is made up of four elements. The first element is a tuition fee grant. This will NOT cover the full fees of the course at Sussex and students will need to pay some of their fees themselves. The second element is a non-means tested award of £3,362.50. The third and fourth elements are both means tested and comprise of a maintenance grant and dependants grants. The latter grant includes a childcare element, a parents learning allowance and an adult dependant’s grant. For more information about the bursary please visit the NHS Business Services Authority.


Students who do not receive the Social Work Bursary may be eligible to apply for a Professional and Career Development Loan.