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SPRU Reports

November 2003: Delivering Integrated Solutions
Andrew Davies, Tim Brady (CENTRIM), Puay Tang, with Mike Hobday, Howie Rush (CENTRIM), and David Gann (Imperial College)
November 2003, ISBN 0-903622-98-X

December 2001: Integrated Solutions: the New Economy between Manufacturing and Services
Andy Davies, Puay Tang, Tim Brady (CENTRIM), Mike Hobday, Howard Rush (CENTRIM), David Gann
December 2001, ISBN 0-903622-96-3

SR 21 Rethinking Risk: A Pilot Multi-Criteria Mapping of a Genetically Modified Crop in Agricultural Systems in the UK
Andy Stirling (SPRU) and Sue Mayer (Genewatch UK)
August 1999, ISBN 0-903622-86-6

SR 20 Cleaning Up Coal's Act: Financing Cleaner Coal-Fired Power Plants in the UK
J Watson
Dec 1998, ISBN 0-903622-90-4

SR 19 Distributed Library Futures: IT Applications for 2000 and Beyond
J Gristock and R Mansell
May 1998, ISBN 0-903622-84-X

SR 18 IT Decision Support in the Construction Industry: Current Developments and Use in the US
Executive Summary
D Gann, K Hansen, D Bloomfield, D Blundell, R Crotty, S Groák and N Jarrett
Sep 1996, ISBN 0-903622-76-9

SR 17 Housing and Home Automation for People with Disabilities and the Elderly
D Gann and S Iwashita with J Barlow and L Manderville
Oct 1995, ISBN 0-903622-73-4

SR 16 Effects of TCS on Academia
J Senker, P Senker and M Grossman
Jun 1995, ISBN 0-903622-71-8

SR 14 Teaching Company Performance and Features of Successful Programmes
J Senker, P Senker and A Hall
Sep 1993, ISBN 0-903622-60-2

SR 13 Energy Policy: An Agenda for the 1990s
F McGowan, C Mitchell, J Skea, S Sorrell, A Stirling and S Thomas (editor)
May 1993, ISBN 0-903622-59-9

SR 12 Unequal Treatment: British Policies for Coal and Nuclear Power 1979-92
M Parker and J Surrey
Dec 1992, ISBN 0-903622-54-8

SR 11 Intelligent Buildings: Producers and Users
D Gann
Oct 1992, ISBN 0-903622-49-1

SR 10 Intelligent Building Technologies: Japan and Singapore
D Gann
Jun 1992, ISBN 0-903622-48-3

SR 9 Biotechnology for Sustainable Development: Policy Options for Developing Countries
N Clark and C Juma
Mar 1991

SR 8 The Biotechnology Directorate's Programmes for Technology Transfer in Relation to Small and Medium-Sized Firms
J Senker
Feb 1991, ISBN 0-903622-43-2

SR7 THORP and the Economics of Reprocessing
F Berkhout and W Walker
Nov 1990, ISBN 0-903622-42-4

SR 6 Regulation of the Privatised British Gas Industry
F McGowan, G MacKerron and J Surrey
Nov 1990, ISBN 0-903622-40-8

SR 4 Evaluation of Plant Biomass Research for Liquid Fuels (Volumes I & II)
S M Thomas
Jun 1990

SR3 Technical Change in the 1990s: Implications for Skills, Training and Employment
J Senker and P Senker
May 1990

SR1 New Technology, Employment and Operative Skills in Building Services
D Gann
Apr 1989

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STEEP Special Reports

Reports produced by the Centre for Science, Technology, Energy and Environment Policy (STEEP).

SSR 7 Managing Nuclear Liabilities
G Mackerron and M Sadnicki
Oct 1997, ISBN 0-903622-81-5

SSR 6 The Changing Shape of British Industrial Research
D Hicks and S Katz
Feb 1997, ISBN 0-903622-79-3

SSR5 The Development of Gene Therapy in Europe and the US: A Comparative Analysis
P Martin and S Thomas
Dec 1996, ISBN 0-903622-78-5

SSR 4 UK Nuclear Privatisation and Public Sector Liabilities
G Mackerron and M Sadnicki
Jan 1996, ISBN 0-903622-74-2

SSR 3 The Changing Shape of British Science
S Katz, D Hicks, M Sharp and B Martin
Oct 1995, ISBN 0-903622-72-6

SSR 2 UK Gas Policy: Regulated Monopoly or Managed Competition?
J Surrey and M Parker
Nov 1994, ISBN 0-903622-68-8

SSR 1 Pollution on the Market: The US Experience with Emissions Trading for the Control of Air Pollution
S Sorrell
Jun 1994, ISBN 0-903622-67-X

SSR 0 The European Market for Transmission and Distribution Equipment
S Thomas and F McGowan
Jan 1994, ISBN 0-903622-65-3

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STEEP Discussion Papers

A series of Discussion Papers was started in January 1993 for work undertaken within the SPRU Centre for Science, Technology, Energy and Environment Policy (STEEP). The papers are listed below and there is a short abstract for each paper. Numbers missing from this list have been published elsewhere and are no longer available as Discussion Papers.

STEEP Discussion Papers from 1996 onwards are available to download or view in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). The Adobe Acrobat reader can be downloaded free from Adobe Systems and is available for most platforms and operating systems.

STEEP 44 Transformation of Technology Patterns of Trade in the CEE Economies
S Kubielas
Mar 1998

STEEP 43 The Science and Technology System in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
D Kutlaca
Mar 1998

STEEP 42 Assessing the Basis for 'Catching-Up' of Eastern Europe: an Analysis Based on US Foreign Patenting Data
S Radosevic and D Kutlaca
Mar 1998

STEEP 41 'Academy-Industry Relations for Innovation in Poland'
A Jasinski
Sep 1997

STEEP 40 'Russian R&D: A Sectoral Analysis'
L Gokhberg
Jul 1997

STEEP 39 'R&D Internationalisation in the Strategic Behaviour of the Firm'
M Paoli and S Guercini
Jan 1997

STEEP 38 'Specialisation in Areas of Strong Technological Opportunity and Economic Growth'
V Meliciani and R Simonetti
Jan 1997

STEEP 37 'Academic Entrepreneurs and Their Role in "Knowledge" Transfer'
K Balázs
Nov 1996

STEEP 36 'Underdevelopment of Markets a Barrier to Technological Efficiency? A Comparative Study of Ministeel Plants in India and the UK'
S Athreye
Nov 1996

STEEP 35 'The Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Russia 1993-1995'
V Pripisnov
Oct 1996

STEEP 34 'Technological Integration and Global Marginalisation of Central and East European Economies: The Role of FDI and Alliances'
S Radosevic and D Dyker
Sep 1996

STEEP 33 'Overseas Biotechnology Research by Europe's Chemical/Pharmaceuticals Multinationals: Rationale and Implications'
J Senker, P Benoît and M Reinhard
Mar 1996

STEEP 32 'Technology Transfer and the Restructuring of New Market Economies: The Case of Poland'
Mar 1996

STEEP 31 'The Transformation of Technological Capabilities in Russian Defence Enterprises (with special reference to dual-use technology)'
L Bzhilianskaya
Mar 1996

STEEP 30 'Engineering and Innovation in the Industrial Revolutions'
N von Tunzelmann
Mar 1996

STEEP 29 'Localised Technological Search and Multi-Technology Companies'
N von Tunzelmann
Mar 1996

STEEP 28 'The Science of Nations: European Multinationals and American Biotechnology'
M Sharp
Feb 1996
[annexe A]
[annexe B]

STEEP 27 'The Computer and Software Industries in the East European Economies - A Bridgehead to the Global Economy?'
D Dyker
Feb 1996

STEEP 26 'Technological Capabilities of Korea and Taiwan: An Analysis Using US Patenting Statistics'
J Choung
Nov 1995

STEEP 25 'Australia's Technological Capabilities: An Analysis Using US Patenting Statistics'
P Patel and K Pavitt
Oct 1995

STEEP 24 'Academic Research, Technical Change and Government Policy'
K Pavitt
Oct 1995

STEEP 23 'Investing in Economic Transition: The Case of Uzbekistan'
D Dyker
Aug 1995

STEEP 22 'For a Better Understanding of the Innovation Process in Hungary'
A Inzelt
Jun 1995

STEEP 21 'Technology and Economic Transformation'
D Dyker
Jun 1995

STEEP 20 'Economic Reform and the Transformation of R & D Potential in Ukraine'
I Egorov
Jan 1995

STEEP 19 'User-Producer Relations in a Competitive Electricity Supply Industry'
S Thomas
Jan 1995

STEEP 18 'The European Energy Charter: A Breakthrough in East-West Energy Trade?'
J Doré
Nov 1994

STEEP 16 'The Operation and Impact of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Results of a Survey of Participants and Users'
S Boehmer-Christiansen and J Skea
Jun 1994

STEEP 15 'A Transnational Investigation of Industry/University Linkage in Advanced Engineering Ceramics'
J Senker
Jun 1994

STEEP 14 'Eastern European Science and Technology Capabilities in Transition: A Provisional Assessment of Effects and Prospects'
S Radosevic
Jun 1994

STEEP 13 'Technological Competencies in the World's Largest Firms: Characteristics, Constraints and Scope for Managerial Choice'
P Patel and K Pavitt
May 1994

STEEP 12 'Establishing Conditions Conducive to Expanding Trade Among Economies in Transition'
D Dyker
Mar 1994

STEEP 11 'The Break-up of Yugoslavia: An Investigation into Structural Blockades to Dynamic Efficiency in Semi-Command Economies'
V Bojicic
Feb 1994

STEEP 10 'Russia and Eastern Europe: Technology, Trade and Transformation'
D Dyker
Dec 1993

STEEP 9 'Concentration, Firm Size, and Innovation: Evidence from Innovation Costs'
D Archibugi, R Evangelista and R Simonetti
Nov 1993

STEEP 6 'Technology Transfers and Innovation Policy: Chemicals and Biotechnology'
M Sharp, S Thomas and P Martin
Sep 1993

STEEP 5 'Coherence and Diversity: Europe's Chemical Gfiants and the Assimilation of Biotechnology'
M Sharp and I Galimberti
Jul 1993

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