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SPRU economist to advise new Labour leadership

29 September 2015

Prof Mariana Mazzucato appointed to a new Economic Advisory Committee to advise the Labour party on economic policy.

Sussex economist to advise new Labour leadership

29 September 2015

Sussex economist Prof Mariana Mazzucato is among seven experts selected by Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn to advise the party on economic policy.

Faculty boosting micro businesses at Labour Party Conference

28 September 2015

Two members of faculty are devising policy recommendations to give micro businesses and freelancers a boost at the Labour Party Conference.

New paper by Dr Steve Sorrell on the rebound effect published in Energy Economics

28 September 2015

New paper by Steve Sorrell 'Living up to expectations: Estimating direct and indirect rebound effects for UK households' published in Energy Economics

Fifith round of the Research Development Fund launched today

25 September 2015

Sussex Research have launched the fifth round of the Research Development Fund today (Friday 25 September).

Mazzucato cited as influence on Labour thinking

16 September 2015

The work of RM Phillips Professor in the Economics of Innovation Mariana Mazzucato has been reported to be an influence on the new Labour...

Sussex staff bring virtual reality, live coding and more to Brighton Digital Festival

10 September 2015

Sussex staff are delving into virtual reality, performing live coding, and exposing hidden supply‑chain networks at the Brighton Digital Festival.

Analysis: Why Germany is dumping nuclear power – and Britain isn't

8 September 2015

The starkly differing nuclear policies of Germany and the UK present perhaps the clearest divergence in developed world energy strategies.

Makerspaces and Sustainable Development Workshop

28 August 2015

This event is organised by SPRU and CIED (the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand), from the University of Sussex, together with the STEPS Centre.

Technology anthropologist and sound artist team up for major digital festival commission

28 August 2015

A technology anthropologist and a sound artist from Sussex have collaborated on a ‘major commission’ for the UK’s biggest digital festival.

Items 1 to 10 of 74

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