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Pro-nuclear countries making slower progress on climate targets

22 August 2016

With Hinkley Point deal hanging in the balance, study casts fresh doubts over future of nuclear energy in Europe.

CIED key note and research presented at Energy Cultures 2016 conference in New Zealand

6 July 2016

Director of CIED, Prof Benjamin Sovacool, and two research fellows are presenting research at an Energy Cultures Conference in Wellington, New Zealand

The politics of grassroots innovations set out by CIED researcher at SCORAI conference

16 June 2016

Grassroots innovations can have unforeseen but important political dimensions that go beyond their immediate communities.

The concluding workshop of the Cornell-Sussex joint research project on ‘The Current Conjuncture in World Affairs’

5 June 2016

Faculty from Sussex and Cornell universities met in May for the concluding workshop of a joint project on ‘The Current Conjuncture in World Affairs’.

SPRU researchers run International Social Science Council-funded sustainability workshop in Argentina

11 May 2016

Researchers from SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit travelled to Buenos Aires in April 2016 to run the opening workshop of the Pathways...

Report on research income places Sussex among UK’s top business schools

11 May 2016

A report published by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) on the annual research income of UK business schools ranks the...

Edible insects on the menu at Brighton Fringe event

11 May 2016

Bugs will be on the menu at this year’s Brighton Fringe Festival as experts debate the future of food.

Sexy ideas won’t slow climate change if people don’t buy in and buy them

10 May 2016

Governments and researchers need to remember that the most sophisticated endeavours won’t work if they’re not adopted.

Industry collaboration and consumer pressure are key to stopping the trade of ‘conflict minerals’, report finds

10 May 2016

Trade of conflict minerals could be stopped if firms collaborated and if there was more pressure from consumers, a new Sussex report argues.

CIED gives evidence on energy efficiency to the House of Commons

9 May 2016

CIED Senior Research Fellow, Dr Jan Rosenow, will be an expert witness to a House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee inquiry into the Green Deal.

Items 1 to 10 of 91

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