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Hinkley point power station boxGreat Britains Creative Industries 

Businesses from Greater Brighton’s creative industries generated more than £1.5 billion in turnover last year.

Olympic park current box

TRansit - Modelling transition risk

Working to understand the macro-economic implications of the transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

Hinkley point power station boxFlawed Artificial Sweetener

New research casts doubts on safety of world’s most popular artificial sweetener

Hinkley point power station boxOperationalising Socio-technical energy transitions

Processes and decision-points for realising the transition of the UK energy system(s) towards decarbonisation

Hinkley point power station boxResearch and innovation for the global goals

Mapping development for science, technology and innovation that address Sustainable Development Goals

Hinkley point power station boxBrexit: Averting Food Disruption

Councils urged to ramp up contingency planning to avert food disruption in any version of Brexit

Hinkley point power station boxUnclear nuclear

How UK energy consumers unwittingly pay for military infrastructures.

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Reframing UN Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Reviews

SPRU research shaped a new United Nations Framework which will help countries achieving the UN’s SDGs.

Turbines sunset boxDiscussing transformative technologies in energy

Sussex Energy Group hosts event with panel of representatives of the UK energy sector

Beef squareSTEPS Centre Unveils 2019 Theme: Uncertainty

The STEPS Centre has launched a new theme for 2019 on Uncertainty.

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