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Role models: The need for responsible modelling in the age of pandemic

Too many examples of coronavirus modelling have been insufficiently transparent about their uncertainties and too precise in their claims. 

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TIPC establishes new Latin American Hub

The new initative brings together ten leading institutions from Colombia, Chile and Mexico to develop a new frame of science and technology policy.

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Why does President Trump want to mine on the Moon?

Professor Benjamin Sovacool comments on President Trump wanting the United States to start mining on the Moon for minerals.

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Modernity without its clothes

The pandemic crisis shines a light on futilities of control.

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Global easing of regulations for coronavirus vaccines

Human trials of Covid-19 vaccines could start without normally essential animal-studies data.

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Inclusive Green Infrastructures for Urban Well-Being

In cities across Asia, green infrastructures that support the health and livelihoods of urban and peri-urban residents are being degraded and destroyed.

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