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With almost 50 years experience, SPRU is globally recognised as a leading academic centre of interdisciplinary research on science, technology and innovation policy.


Professor James Wilsdon to review metrics usage in research assessment

solar panel

Market forces alone will not drive the widespread use of low carbon energy technologies in low-income  countries. 

Research at SPRU

We are living in a period of unprecedented change in terms of pace, scale, and technological advances. SPRU employs an understanding not just of science and technology, but also of their role in society. We engage in interdisciplinary research to analyse science, technology and innovation management and policy with a view to creating a positive impact.

Study at SPRU

Our research informs the teaching of our high-quality MSc courses and PhD studies.

Each of our courses provides a common set of intellectual foundations that provides our postgraduate students with a unique set of skills required to analyse and understand complex problems. As a SPRU student you will have access to world-leading experts who draw upon economics, sociology, policy, management, political science, engineering, law, the natural and life sciences, and history to address major issues in the world today.

Engage with SPRU

SPRU works with policy makers, business leaders and civil society organisations, and collaborates and engages with a large international network of institutions. SPRU seeks to continue to widen our network of stakeholders and partners.




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