Department of Social Work and Social Care


Looking for a placement? To offer you the best opportunities for on-the-job training, we have developed close links with local authorities, schools, colleges and various social care settings.

The Department of Social Work and Social Care works in partnership with local authorities and the third sector.

We have developed strong relationships with placement providers to ensure you get a challenging but safe environment in which to work.

These placements depend on the goodwill of local services as, while the social work profession aspires to train students in placement, there is no mandate to require agencies to take a trainee.

If you study our BA or MA in Social Work you're required to complete 200 days in a relevant placement during your studies.

Placements are arranged with local social work providers, both in the statutory services and in private, voluntary and independent settings.

On your placement you practise a range of skills with individuals and families individually as well as in groups to meet the requirements of the National Occupational Standards. As a general rule, you complete 80-90 days at level 2, and 110-120 days at level 3.

Read our information about placements for the BA in Social Work.

You can also find out about placement opportunities as a postgraduate student.