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The Ghosts of Digital Media

Monday 17 June 15:00 until 17:00
Digital Humanities Research Lab, Silverstone
Speaker: Mark Goodall (University of Bradford)
Part of the series: SHL Research Seminars

This paper focuses on the experimental nature of digital media and the avant-garde with reference to the field of media archeology. The chapter discusses some of the potential applications of avant-garde methodology to objects and material relating to the field of media archaeology. It extends the calls already made by media archaeology theorists (cf. Fickers and van den Oever) into the domain of experimental techniques and practices and offers examples of where and how radical texts and methods may be applied to curatorial work and academic research.

Mark Goodall is Senior Lecturer in Film at the University of Bradford. His research interests include cult, horror and experimental cinema, popular music and the avant-garde, and the mondo films of the 1960s and 1970s. His publications include Sweet and Savage: The World through the Shockumentary Film Lens (Headpress 2006, 2nd ed. 2017), Crash Cinema: Representation in Film (Cambridge Scholars, 2007) and Gathering of the Tribe: Music and
Heavy Conscious Creation (Headpress, 2013).

The talk will be followed by a book launch for Roberts and Goodall (eds.), New Media Archaeologies (Amsterdam University Press, 2019).

New Media Archaeologies highlights innovative work in the developing field of media archaeology. It explores the relationship between theory and practice and the relationship between media archaeology and other disciplines. There are three sections to the collection proposing new possible fields of research for media studies: Media Archaeological Theory; Experimental Media Archaeology; Media Archaeology at the Interface. The book includes essays from acknowledged experts in this expanding field, such as Thomas Elsaesser, Wanda Strauven and Jussi Parikka.


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By: Benjamin Roberts
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