Sussex Humanities Lab


SSRP workshop on research methods a success

14 June 2019

On 5 June, the SSRP hosted a workshop titled Research Methods for Sustainability: social science meets natural science, and something in-between.

Digital Humanities

14 February 2019

Prof. David M. Berry has written an op-ed article in the magazine on the future of digital humanities.

Championing open access with online digital history journal

8 October 2018

Two historians are celebrating after an open-access journal, for which they sit on the editorial board, reached a million annual page visits.

From 3D holograms to sound installations: staff and students feature at Brighton's Digital Festival

21 September 2018

Brighton’s Digital Festival kicks off this week with a wealth of events from University of Sussex staff and students.

Take a “bath” in birdsong at Newhaven Festival

17 August 2018

Give yourself a break from the pressures of modern life by bathing in birdsong in an ancient church, urges an expert in ecological acoustics.

Hidden history of BBC response to Britain's increasing cultural diversity revealed in new digital history project

20 July 2018

The Connected Histories of the BBC project, running until the BBC centenary in 2022, is curated by Professor David Hendy and Sussex Humanities Lab.

Makerspaces and Institutions: special issue of Journal of Peer Production

18 July 2018

Special issue of Journal of Peer Production: Makerspaces and Institutions, edited by Kat Braybrooke (Sussex Humanities Lab) and Adrian Smith (SPRU)

Learning to listen to the wild: How Sussex academics are marking International Dawn Chorus Day

2 May 2018

Two Sussex academics are aiming to raise awareness of the biodiversity on our doorstep this weekend with a unique event on the cliffs of Newhaven.

The four personas including the Lurker and the Geek that explain teenagers’ online behaviour

29 January 2018

Academics have identified four distinct personas of social media user that teenagers describe as shaping how they behave on social media.