Sussex Estates and Facilities

Exam paper printing

The Print Unit is responsible for the production of exam papers for unseen examinations sat by students throughout the year. In order to ensure strict security, it is necessary for the Print Unit to operate revised opening times and security measures during production periods.

There are three periods of the year when students are required to sit exams: the mid-year assessment period in January, the year-end assessment period in May-June, and the exam re-sit period in late August-September.

Exam papers are produced under secure conditions by the Print Unit in the weeks preceding the assessment periods. Whilst exam paper production is in progress, the Print Unit is closed to students.

The production period for mid-year examinations is usually November - December.
The production period for year-end examinations is usually March - May.
The production period for the September resits is usually throughout August .

Start and finish dates for current production periods are shown on the right.

Production is normally restricted to Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12.30pm onwards.
The August production period (for the September re-sits) is up to three weeks, with production every day (Monday - Friday) from 12.30pm onwards.

These times may be subject to revision depending upon the number of papers we need to produce. We advise that collections and deliveries to and from the Print Unit are restricted to mornings only on production days. As always, printing work can be submitted via internal mail, and deliveries of completed jobs to the relevant buildings will continue as normal.

Exam paper production timetable

All examinations and assessments have been suspended for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Details of the timetable for the next exam paper production cycle will be published here when they become available.