Sussex Estates and Facilities

Redevelopment of East Slope

Timescale: Phased construction will begin from early 2017

Completion: The first phase is envisaged to be finished by September/October 2018, with all work completed by 2020

Project value: Up to a maximum of £150 million

Artist's impression of East Slope redevelopmentAn artist's impression of how East Slope might look when it has been redeveloped.

Plans for further development of residential facilities include the renewal of the East Slope housing area.

East Slope was one of the original residences, built in the 1970s. The accommodation has remained popular with students over the years but is now reaching the end of its useful life and is in need of replacement.

Redeveloping East Slope will provide about 1,500 extra bedrooms, which will help us to accommodate the projected increases in student numbers.

The University will take advantage of external financing in the planned redevelopment, so that investment can focus on teaching, research and social needs.

The redevelopment of East Slope forms part of the University’s current £750m campus masterplan




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