Sussex Drug Discovery Centre (SDDC)

Medicinal chemistry

Our group members have considerable expertise in the design and synthesis of novel molecules towards drug candidates.  This design is integrated with computational chemistry and molecular modelling, biological and developability assay data and physicochemical characterisation and prediction.

Medicinal chemistry occupies modern, refurbished laboratories equipped with state of the art equipment for synthesis and purification of bespoke compounds and small, focussed analogue sets.  We are well equipped with Biotage® microwave reactors and Teledyne and Biotage® automated purification systems to engage in efficient preparation of molecules for physicochemical and biological profiling.  We have integrated analytical services, in particular with LCMS, HPLC & SFC to support reaction monitoring and mass directed purification.

We have strong support from within the University for NMR (Varian, 400 & 500 MHz spectrometers), High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (Bruker Daltonics), crystallography (Rigaku, 007-HF)  amongst other services.