Sussex Drug Discovery Centre (SDDC)

Automated Synthesis

The SDDC has significant expertise in the application of automated synthesis to medicinal chemistry projects. The facility has been designed and set up to enable the rapid preparation of compound libraries to accelerate hit and lead optimization projects. The group is also engaged in the generation of focused libraries in novel chemical space for biological evaluation, along with fundamental methodological research into expanding the chemistries available for library generation.


The technology employed is:


  • ICM-Chemist software employed for library design and building block selection.
  • Various Radleys carousel units for building block/small library work
  • Biotage and ISCO flash chromatography for building block purification.
  • Tecan liquid handling system for reaction preparation, analysis, work up and final sample preparation.
  • Biotage microwave, heater-shakers and Thales H-Cube flow reaction platforms.
  • Analytical HPLC-MS equipped with well plate capability for library analysis.
  • Mass Spec and UV directed automated HPLC purification for final product purification. 
  • Genevac systems allowing dry down of multiple samples.