Centre for Photography and Visual Culture

Revelations: Experiments in Photography

Edited by Ben Burbridge
Texts by Ben Burbridge, Kelley Wylder, Gottfried Jager, Ian Jeffrey and Greg Hobson
MACK/Media Space
ISBN 9781907946455

Revs CRevelations: Experiments in Photography reveals the enormous impact of early scientific photography on modern and contemporary photographic art. Nineteenth-century pioneers harnessed a tool to represent phenomena indiscernible to the naked eye. Their work depicted the astronomically distant and microscopically small, revealed the nuances of rapid motion, and lent form to invisible energy sources. It also provided visual art with a radically new set of forms and techniques. Produced to accompany a major exhibition, this book investigates the meanings artists and curators have invested in the early experiments, and what their work exposes about changing popular perceptions of science and technology.