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Revelations: Experiments in Photography


Revelations: Experiments in Photography

23 March-23 September 2015
Media Space, The Science Museum, London

MontageCo-curated by Dr Ben Burbridge, Revelations: Experiments in Photography explores artists’ responses to new forms of vision made available through early scientific photography.

Early scientific photography recorded the microscopically small and astronomically distant, revealed the realm of rapid motion, and lent visible form to invisible energy sources. The photographs used technology to reveal new information about the physical world. In doing so, they also revealed much about the capacities of photography as a medium. Such pictures have possessed a strong appeal for artists, who have interrogated, re-purposed and expanded upon their original insights. Revelations examines how the changing character of these responses – from the early 20th century avant-garde, to conceptual art in the late 1960s, to contemporary practice – provides an insight into shifting perceptions of early scientific photography, relationships to photographic technology, and the wider cultural context in which artists have worked.