Centre for Photography and Visual Culture



Dr. Ben Burbridge
Senior Lecturer in Art History

Prof. David Allan Mellor
Professor of Art History

Prof. Lindsay Smith
Professor of English


Dr. Anne-Marie Angelo
Lecturer in American History

Dr. Sara Jane Bailes
Reader in Theatre and Performance Studies

Prof Caroline Bassett
Professor of Media and Communications

Dr. Paul Boyce
Lecturer in Anthropology

Joanna Callaghan
Senior Lecturer in Film Making

Dr. Meaghan Clark
Senior Lecturer in Art History

Prof. Andrea Cornwall
Professor of Anthropology & Development

Dr. Paul Davies
Reader in Philosophy

Prof. Martin Evans
Professor of Modern European History

Dr Hannah Field
Lecturer in Victorian Literature

Melanie Friend
Reader in Photography, Media and Film Studies

Dr. Adrian Goycoolea
Lecturer in Video Production

Dr. Catherine Grant
Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Dr. Ed Hughes
Senior Lecturer in Music

Prof Raminder Kaur 
Professor in Anthropolgy and Cultural Studies

Dr. Frank Krutnik
Reader in Film Studies

Dr. Michael Lawrence
Lecturer in Media and Film

Prof Vicky Lebeau
Professor of Englis

Dr. Alisa Lebow
Reader in Film Studies

Dr. Maurizio Marinelli
Senior Lecturer in East Asian History

Prof. Sally-Jane Norman

Dr Rachel O'Connell
Lecturer in English

Dr Chloe Porter
Lecturer in English

Prof. Geoff Quilley
Professor of Art History

Dr. Niall Richardson
Senior Lecturer in Media and Film

Dr. Luke Robinson
Lecturer in Film Studies

Prof Nick Royle
Professor of English

Dr. Claudia Siebrecht
Lecturer in Modern European History

Dr. Bethan Stevens
Lecturer in Creative and Critical Writing

Dr. Dolores Tierney
Senior Lecturer in Film

Dr. Pam Thurschwell 
Senior Lecturer in English

Dr. Francesco Ventrella
Lecturer in Art History

Dr. Katie Walter 
Lecturer in English

Prof Marcus Wood
Professor of English

Dr Tom Wright
Lecturer in Americal Literature