Centre for Photography and Visual Culture

Eugenie Dolberg

Wednesday 15 October, 18.30-20.30
The Globe, Middle Street, Brighton

Eugenie Dolberg 2‘…this book should hang about the necks of Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Blair and the rest on their path to punishment.’ - Julian Stallabrass, Aperture, 2011

Eugenie Dolberg discusses Open Shutters Iraq, her photographic collaboration with Iraqi women, exploring their experiences of war and the occupation. Developed over the course of several years, the project saw women from five cities in Iraq tell their side of the story, in their own voices, and make known the human reality of war from behind the headlines. Open Shutters Iraq reflects on 26 years of almost continuous war and 13 years of savage sanctions, during which time Iraqi women had been sustaining their society while men were fighting and battling to hang onto hard-won constitutional rights, which conservative religious parties were trying to reverse.

Organised in collaboration with Brighton Photo Biennial