Centre for Photography and Visual Culture


The Centre for the Photography and Visual Culture aims to forge connections among different areas of knowledge and experience that shape, and are shaped by, photography and visual culture. Our research and activities range across photography’s wide terrain: from early experiments, to the ubiquity of the digital image, to photography’s political force.

Attentive to the diverse uses and users of photography, we foster meaningful dialogues between areas of the visual world too often treated in isolation. Exploring the spaces between established disciplines, we aim to facilitate both new and long-forgotten conversations.

A home for both practice-as-research, and research-as-practice, the centre draws together artists, writers, curators and scholars as part of an ongoing, outward-facing conversation. We work together to situate photographic studies within the wider context of visual culture, critically and creatively mapping what photography has done, what it is doing, and what it is potentially yet-to-do.

Our research is published extensively, and sits at the core of exhibitions at internationally renowned museums, galleries and biennials. We organise public talks and film screenings by leading artists, directors and curators, in collaboration with external partners ranging from arts organisations to theatres, festivals to community groups. We also host international cross-disciplinary conferences and symposia.

The Centre for Photography Visual Culture is home to Sussex's MA Photography: History, Theory, Practice and a key partner in its MA Art History and Museum Curating with Photography.

The Centre aims to:
  • Cultivate high-level, interdisciplinary research around photography and visual culture.

  • Create a critical mass of scholars and artists, based within and outside the university, whose work engages with many and varied aspects of photography and the visual.

  • Develop partnerships with a wide variety of cultural institutions, including museums, galleries, festivals and theatres.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Centre please email Dr. Ben Burbridge: b.f.burbridge@sussex.ac.uk.

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Institutional partners:



National Media Museum


Arcive of Modern Conflict


British School at Athens

Brighton Festival

Brighton Photo Fringe

Science Museum