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INGOs Building Education State Capacity in Afghanistan: Problems and Prospects

Tuesday 14 May 13:00 until 14:00
Arts C333
Speaker: Farzana Bardai
Part of the series: Sussex Centre for Conflict and Security Research events, Spring 2019

SCSR Research Café

Capacity development is viewed as a means to improve sustainable access to quality education in conflict and post conflict states. Capacity development is intended to support government actors to be more effective in creating policies, budgeting to improve education provision. This presentation examines how global and local actors influence the implementation of education capacity building programmes by INGOs in Afghanistan, and their effects by utilizing policies, discourses and surveys. This presentation contributes to the understanding of how capacity is developed by INGOs in conflict-affect countries, alongside the intended and unintended effects programmes have in a globalising context where nation state autonomy is regularly challenged.

Download the poster: INGOs Building Education State Capacity in Afghanistan, Problems and Prospects [PDF 480.14KB]

Research cafes are meant as informal spaces to support the development of research ideas, projects and publications. Anyone can propose leading a session - either around their own work or a theme. We'd especially welcome sessions led by PhD researchers, including people at an early stage of their research. These could be around draft papers, fieldwork plans or reports, methodological issues or anything else of interest which is related to conflict and security research. Please email Judith on if you are interested in leading a session, or have suggestions for a theme for discussion. 

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By: Martin Wingfield
Last updated: Thursday, 4 April 2019