Sussex Centre for Conflict and Security Research (SCSR)

About SCSR

The Sussex Centre for Conflict and Security Research (SCSR) is an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to promoting original research, and enriching public and policy debate, on issues of conflict and security. It is led from Sussex’s Department of International Relations, one of the UK’s leading centres for IR, but includes researchers from across the university - including from Anthropology, International Development, Education, History, Law, Media and Film, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and Science Policy.

With a membership of nearly 40 faculty and 22 doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, plus visiting fellows and associates, SCSR is one of the largest centres of its kind in the UK.

SCSR research is informed by a critical yet pluralist ethos, and by a simultaneous commitment to theoretical innovation and public and policy engagement.

SCSR hosts and supports research projects and holds regular events such as academic conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars. The Centre also provides support to Sussex teaching programmes in conflict and security.

SCSR works with a broad range of partners such as Wilton Park, Conciliation Resources, Canning House and International Alert.

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