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CSC Director

Dr Liz David-Barrett  
Freeman Building F13 
University of Sussex 
Brighton BN1 9QE

T: +44 (0) 1273 872929


CSC Members
CSC PhD Students
  • Riccardo D'Emidio
    Thesis title: Social norms and petty corruption: the case of Ghana

  • Liljana Cvetanoska
    Thesis title: Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe: The influence of the European Union on the control of corruption in the Czech Republic, Macedonia and Romania (funded by a Chancellor's International Research Scholarship)

  • Mohamed Elier
    Thesis title: Attempts to Combat Money Laundering by Sale of Oil in Libya: A Comparative Analysis with England and Wales

  • Elena Gorianova
    Thesis title: Non-implementation issues in transitional countries; Environmental regulation of the oil industry in Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council)

  • Uche Igwe
    Thesis title: The Politics of Anti-Corruption in Nigeria

  • Abubakar Bukar Kagu
    Thesis title: Globalisation of Plea Bargaining and its Emergence in Nigeria: A Critical Analysis of Practice, Problems, and Priorities

  • Tena Prelec

    The Energy Transition Game: Development of Corruption and Informality through the Economic Transition in Successor Yugoslav States

  • Yves Gazihi Sibo
    Thesis title: International Cooperation in Criminal Matters: A Case Study of the East African Community (EAC)

  • Rebecca Dobson
    Thesis title: The politics of climate change policymaking in the UK and its implications for the concept of institutional corruption
  • Furkan Yildiz 
    Thesis title: Attempts to Address the Problem of Trafficking in Women at the Bridge Connecting Europe and Asia: The Case of Citizens of the Former Soviet Republics to Turkey from 1992 to 2016

  • Babatunde Ibidape-Obe
    Thesis title: Conflict of Interest in Public Procurement in Nigeria: The Open Government Data Solution to the Problem of Transparency and Accountability'

Completed PhD's:

  • Nassar Ahmad M Abaalkhail 

Thesis title: The Effect of Internal Control Management on Corruption: The Case of Saudi Arabia (funded by the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Saudi Arabia)

Nassar completed his PhD in December 2016.

Thesis title: Election Results: When, where and under what conditions are they accepted? A global comparative study (funded by the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology) 

Thesis title: Anti-Corruption Reform, Political Will and Collective Action in Sub-Saharan Africa (funded by a Commonwealth Scholarship)

Thesis title: Party Funding Regimes and Corruption in Western Europe: Linkages, Relationships and Trends (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council)

Practitioner Fellows

Robert BarringtonRobert Barrington
Executive Director, Transparency International UK

Robert Barrington is Executive Director of the UK chapter of Transparency International, the world’s leading anti-corruption organisation with chapters in over one hundred countries.  He is an authority on global corruption, corporate bribery and corruption within the UK, and has worked in academia and in the City.  Robert is a regular commentator in the media and has written and edited over a dozen publications on corruption and good governance.

He joined Transparency International in 2008, leading the campaign to secure a new Bribery Act in the UK,  and was appointed as Executive Director of TI-UK in 2013.  He was previously Director of Governance & Sustainable Investment at F&C Asset Management, and CEO (Europe) of the environmental research group Earthwatch Institute.

Robert regularly acts as an adviser to UK government departments, with roles including membership of the Ministry of Justice’s Experts Group drafting the official guidance on the Bribery Act and the Export Guarantees Advisory Committee.

Recent publications and projects include ‘How to Bribe’, ‘Adequate Procedures – Guidance to the UK Bribery Act’, 'Fair Play', 'Countering Small Bribes' and ‘Corruption in the UK’. He also writes a regular blog on corruption trends for Transparency International.

Robert has a degree from Oxford University, where he also held a three-year Visiting Fellowship, and a PhD from the European University Institute.

Sue Hawley
Policy Director, Corruption Watch

Sue Hawley is currently Policy Director at Corruption Watch, a UK based anti-corruption organisation that investigates cases of corporate corruption, Sue Hawley 2monitors corruption trials as well as the regulatory and enforcement environment, and does detailed policy work to ensure that cases of corporate corruption are brought to justice.

Her work has included advocating for reform of the UK's corporate liability regime, including through reports on how the UK lags the US on tackling financial crime, and the state of the UK's corporate liability laws. It includes detailed analysis of Deferred Prosecution Agreements, including a report on the issues they involve, and analysis of the UK's DPAs in the Rolls Royce case and Standard Bank case.  It also includes detailed monitoring of overseas corruption cases involving UK companies, including a particular case involving defence sales to Saudi Arabia that has echoes of the BAE/Al Yamamah scandal, and working to get compensation issues considered properly in overseas corruption court cases.

Previously, she worked at the Corner House for six years where she was behind the successful judicial review by the Corner House of the Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD) for weakening new anti-bribery rules following secret lobbying by defense and aerospace companies.  The new rules were introduced following an investigation she conducted into projects supported by the ECGD which were riddled with corruption. She was also involved in the judicial review of the Serious Fraud Office for dropping allegations of corruption involving BAE Systems in Saudi Arabia. Her investigative work resulted in the conviction of the first British company for overseas corruption in September 2009.

Roger BestRoger Best
Head of Fraud, Investigations and Regulatory Litigaton practice, Clifford Chance

Roger is Head of Clifford Chance’s Fraud, Investigations and Regulatory Litigation practice. He qualified as a solicitor in England in 1980 and has been a partner of Clifford Chance since 1990. He is also admitted as a Solicitor of the High Court of Hong Kong where he practised from 1990 to 1998.

His experience of corruption dates back to the prosecution of corruption charges on behalf of the Hong Kong Government arising from a significant bank failure.  More recently, Roger has acted for individuals and corporates involved in corruption investigations by the Serious Fraud Office and the City of London Police as well as advising corporate clients on anti-corruption programmes. He has also acted for companies in relation to issues arising in connection with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and on the resolution of US criminal investigations by Non-Prosecution and Deferred Prosecution agreements.  He has experience of corruption investigations in many other jurisdictions in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and South America.

Roger advised Transparency International on its guidance on good practice procedures for corporate anti-bribery programmes and is a member of the City of London Solicitors Company’s Corporate Crime and Corruption Committee and the Inter-Pacific Bar Association’s Committee on Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law.

Jake StoreyJake Storey
Strategic Advisor - Maritime Initiatives, TRACE International

Jake is a Strategic Advisor – Maritime Initiatives for TRACE International, where he is supporting the roll-out of the TRACE – Rightship partnership to help improve governance and transparency within the shipowning community. Prior to joining TRACE he was the Vice Chair of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), where he led their reporting working group, as well as leading MACN’s Argentina collective action. In addition, he promoted the network – engaging with other stakeholders within the corruption and maritime communities, as well as avidly recruiting new. Jake has over 25 years’ experience of the shipping industry. Until recently Jake was the Head of Risk management and compliance for the Gearbulk group and reports where he reported into the group board. Prior to this position he was head of accounting and worked in the group’s treasury department within Gearbulk. Before joining Gearbulk, Jake worked for Inchcape Shipping services UK – heading up their finance and treasury function, and before that he worked for Hill Samuel Merchant Bank, where he was first introduced to the maritime industry; working for Wallems, Escombe Lambert, Lambert Brothers, Lavino Shipping and the Wescol group. Jake holds a MBA, with distinction, from Manchester Business School, as well as being a chartered accountant and a qualified corporate treasurer. He also holds a BA Hons in History and Politics from Keele University.

Benjamin HoffBenjamin Hoff
Minister of Culture, Federal and European Affairs; Head of State of Thuringia

Benjamin Hoff has a long track record of work in the public sector. He is, for example, currently Minister for Culture, Federal and European Affairs in the Thueringen government in Germany. Furthermore, between 1995 and 2006 he was a member of the Berlin regional parliament. In the late 1990s he studied social sciences at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin before completing his doctoral work between 2002 and 2006. Between 2006 and 2011 he was State Secretary for Health, Environment and Consumer Protection in the Berlin regional parliament.  He has also worked as an honorary professor at the Alice-Salomon-Hochschule Berlin as well as being rector of the private Business School BEST-Sabel in Berlin in 2012 and 2013.  He was also CEO of a consultancy in Berlin called MehrWertConsult.