The Centre for the Study of Corruption


The Centre for the Study of Corruption (CSC) is the UK’s first academic centre dedicated to interdisciplinary research, policy impact and teaching on corruption and anti-corruption. 

The CSC conducts research on a wide variety of corruption-related issues, offers a range of continuing professional development courses, and is home to two graduate-level courses, the MA in Corruption and Governance based at Sussex, and the LLM in Corruption, Law and Governance, taught from our base in Qatar. From September 2019, we will also teach an online MA in Corruption and Governance.

For more information on any of our activities, please contact the CSC director, Dr Elizabeth David-Barrett. You can also catch up with the latest news and activities by following us on Twitter @Sussex_SCSC and by downloading our termly newsletter, the latest issue of which is here:

Corruption Bulletin, Issue 1, 2019 


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