Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies

About our PhD pathways

A PhD in the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies will enable you to develop bold, pioneering research in our state of the art laboratories, in an internationally renowned centre of research. Our students work in the burgeoning field of development and commercialisation of quantum technologies. We are exploring innovations such as quantum computing, sensing, imaging and simulation, and atomic clocks. Be part of the department which published the first blueprint for a scalable quantum computer! Industry collaborators include IBM, Google, NHS, US Department of Energy and Army Research Office.

Our research groups

Your PhD will be based in one of our seven Research Groups:

Quantum Metrology, Bose-Einstein Condensates and Entanglement; Trapped Ultracold Atoms and Theoretical Quantum Optics; Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation and Quantum Sensing; Ion Trap Cavity-QED and Molecular Physics; Quantum Systems and Devices, and Emergent Photonics Laboratory.

Training and development throughout your PhD

You'll be supported throughout your project with additional training opportunities from the Doctoral College           Professional development in the Doctoral College.

You will also be invited to choose three sub-modules run over two terms from the Department of Physics and Astronomy's Experimental and Software Techniques: Mechanical Workshop Skills; Electronics Design; Microcontroller Programming or Scientific Writing. Module specification for Experimental and Software Research Techniques.

From 2019/2020, we are also embedding entrepreneurship in our training, in the form of two optional modules run by the Business School: Design, Creativity and Innovation and New Venture Creation and Simulation. The latter gives the opportunity to develop a business plan.  Both enable interactions with students from different Schools across the University.