Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies

Vacancies and PhD opportunities

Here are the current exciting vacancies for PhD studentships and postdoctoral fellowships in the centre:

The Ion Quantum Technology Group has two Research Fellow vacancies, deadline for applications is 13 May 2019.

Research Fellow in High Fidelity Trapped Ion Quantum Computing

Research Fellow in Scaling a Trapped Ion Quantum Computer

Also, two PhD positions, closing 26 May 2019.

PhD Studentship: Developing and Operating a Trapped Ion Quantum Computer Prototype

PhD Studentship: Developing Silicon Microchips for Ion Trap Quantum Computers

Our Emergent Photonics Lab is offering a funded PhD position in the field of Ultrafast Photonics, deadline for applications is 31 August 2019.

PhD position in Ultrafast Photonics

For vacancies in other research groups, please contact the heads of individual research groups for more information.