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Emily CrozierMs Emily Crozier

Centre Administrator

Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies 
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

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Heads of research groups

Dr Jacob DunninghamProfessor Jacob Dunningham

Deputy Director of the Centre

Jacob Dunningham is interested in quantum technologies with a particular emphasis on quantum metrology, sensing, and imaging.  His research looks into innovative ways of creating and using entanglement in practical schemes as well as developing theoretical tools for studying these systems.

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Professor Barry GarrawayProfessor Barry Garraway

Barry Garraway is working on the physics of trapping and manipulating cold atoms in rings and loops, for rotation sensing, and in lattices, for quantum information processing. He is also using quantum optics for the study of photonic quantum logic.

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Dr Winfried HensingerProfessor Winfried Hensinger

Director of the Centre

Winfried Hensinger heads the Ion Quantum Technology group. His group develops quantum computers, quantum simulators and portable quantum sensors using trapped ions. The group works on the construction of a prototype quantum computer at the University of Sussex and they develop integrated ion trap microchips for quantum computers, simulators and sensors.

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Ion Quantum Technology Group

Dr Matthias KellerProfessor Matthias Keller

Matthias Keller is studying single ions and photons, with the aim to develop new quantum technologies such as interfaces for the quantum internet and quantum computers.  He also investigates quantum mechanical effects on chemical reaction dynamics.

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Ion Trap Cavity-QED and Molecular Physics Group

Dr Matthias KellerProfessor Peter Kruger

Peter Kruger is a Research Professor of Experimental Physics and leads the Quantum Systems and Devices Group.

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Quantum Systems and Devices Group

Doctor Fedja OrucevicDoctor Fedja Orucevic

Doctor Fedja Orucevic is working in the field of Ultracold Atoms. The focus of his research is to bridge fundamental and applied aspects of quantum gases and develop a new generation of sensors that exploit the properties of quantum physics to achieve better sensitivities, accuracies and resolutions.

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Quantum Systems and Devices Group

Dr Alessia PasquaziDoctor Alessia Pasquazi

Alessia Pasquazi is working on ultrafast photonics in nonlinear engineered devices, including nonlinear lattices,  microcavities and a new generation of mode-locked  lasers. Her research aims to develop compact optical clocks that can be used for a new generation of quantum sensors.

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EPic Laboratory

Dr Marco PecciantiProfessor Marco Peccianti

Marco Peccianti is working in nonlinear optics, with interests in: solitons and nonlinear wave dynamics in soft matter and integrated devices, manipulation of THz waves, and sub-wavelength micro and nano-imaging systems also based on approaches common to quantum optics. He also works on the miniaturization of optical frequency combs for the development of compact quantum atomic clocks. 

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EPic Laboratory

Doctor Sebastian WeidtResearcher in Quantum Technologies

Sebastian Weidt is working in the field of quantum technologies and his research focuses on the development of universal quantum computers, quantum simulators and portable high frequency quantum sensors.

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Ion Quantum Technology Group

Doctor Jose Verdu Galliana

Jose Verdu is developing new devices for mass measurement and novel surface trap technology for trapping electrons. The electrons can be cooled down to the ground state and they can be coherently coupled to microwave quantum circuits and used for implementing quantum gates and quantum memories.

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Geonium Chip Group