Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies


The Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies is focused on the exploitation and development of disruptive quantum technologies.

The Centre hosts nine research groups covering the broad spectrum of quantum technologies as well as hosting a number of associate member groups that share significant overlap with our mission.

Our research groups are involved in the UK Quantum Technology Hub on Networked Quantum Information Technologies and the UK Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology as well as DSTL initiatives, Centres for Doctoral Training and numerous national and international collaborations.

The Centre is integrated within the UK National Quantum Technology Programme.

The Centre’s five experimental research groups are led by:

Professor Winfried Hensinger (Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation and Quantum Sensing), Doctor Matthias Keller (Ion Trap Cavity-QEG and Molecular Physics), Professor Peter Krueger (Quantum Sensing and Ultracold Gases), Doctor Fedja Orucevic (Quantum Sensing and Ultracold Gases), Doctor Alessia Pasquazi (Ultrafast Photonics), Doctor Marco Peccianti (Tera-Hertz Imaging), and Doctor Jose Verdu (Geonium chip).

The Centre also hosts ground-breaking theory groups led by:

Professor Claudia Eberlein (Quantum Field Theory in AMO), Professor Jacob Dunningham (Quantum metrology, Bose-Einstein condensates and Entanglement), Professor Barry Garraway (Trapped Ultracold Atoms &Theoretical Quantum Optics) and Doctor Diego Porras (Quantum optics and condensed matter systems).

The Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies features numerous state-of-the-art quantum technology laboratories along with key infrastructure.

In addition to the high-quality research environment, training plays an integral role and the centre hosts the pioneering MSc in Frontiers of Quantum Technology as well as carrying out specialized quantum technology training for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.