Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

Recent Publications by SCCS members







Some of the most recent book publications by SCCS members include:

  • Kath Browne, Sally R. Munt and Andrew K. T. Yip (2010) Queer Spiritual Spaces: Sexuality and Sacred Places (Ashgate)
  • Kath Browne (with Jason Lim and Gavin Brown) (eds)(2007) Geographies of Sexualities: Theory, Practices and Politics (Ashgate) 
  • Kath Browne (with Catherine Nash) (eds) (2010) Queer Methods and Methodologies (Ashgate) 
  • Simon Coleman (with Tamara Kohn) (eds) (2010) The Discipline of Leisure: Embodying Cultures of 'Recreation' (Berghahn Books) 
  • Sue Currell (2009) American Culture in the 1920s (Edinburgh University Press) 
  • Sue Currell (2010) The March of Spare Time, paperback edition (University of Pennsylvania Press) 
  • Ben Highmore (2010) Ordinary Lives: Studies in the Everyday (Routledge) 
  • Ben Highmore (ed) (2009) The Design Culture Reader (Routledge) 
  • Margaretta Jolly (2008) In Love and Struggle: Letters in Contemporary Feminism (Columbia University Press) 
  • Raminder Kaur  (with William Mazzarella) (eds) (2009) Censorship in South Asia (Indiana University Press) 
  • Alana Lentin (2008) Racism: A Beginner's Guide (OneWorld Publications) 
  • Jon Mitchell (with Gary Armstrong) (2008) Global and Local Football: Politics and Europeanisation on the Fringes of the EU (Routledge) 
  • Sally R. Munt (2009) Queer Attachments: The Cultural Politics of Shame (Ashgate)
  • Kate O'Riordan (with Joan Haran, Jenny Kitzinger and Maureen McNeil) (2007) Human Cloning and the Media: From Science Fiction to Science Practice (Routledge) 
  • Kate O'Riordan (2010) The Genome Incorporated: Constructing Biodigital Identity (Ashgate) 
  • Alison Phipps (2008) Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (Trentham) 
  • Niall Richardson (2009)The Queer Cinema of Derek Jarman: Critical and Cultural Readings (I.B Tauris) 
  • Simon Stewart (2010) Culture and the Middle Classes (Ashgate)
  • Sue Thornham (2007) Women, Feminism and Media (Edinburgh University Press)