Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

Theme Four: Race, ethnicity and post-colonial studies

The study of race, ethnicity and post-coloniality is central to the discipline of cultural studies. Racism is a scavenger ideology (Mosse 1978) and its contemporary manifestations and transformations demand attention. At the same time, the relationship between race and culture is under revision as diasporic and globalized formations are reshaped alongside new colonial orders. Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies recognizes the need to study, deconstruct and contest these new social hierarchies at the same time as it acknowledges the importance of work attuned to the cultural formations arising from the same moment.

It welcomes scholars and scholarship, activists and activism pertinent to these and other cogent areas. It supports theoretical and historical approaches to race, ethnicity and postcoloniality as they interface with any aspect of cultural studies. In addition, it supports work that explores the relationship between culture and: racism, race, migration, diaspora, colonialism, nationalism, citizenship/denizenship and critical approaches to cosmopolitanism.

The race, ethnicity and post-colonial studies stream complements the wider work of the Centre, providing an intellectual space in which research on race, ethnicity and post-colonial studies can intersect with the study of gender, sexuality and class.

If you are a researcher, activist and/or PhD student interested in collaborating at the Centre and within this stream, please contact