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Deadline nears to apply for new Asa Briggs Visiting Fellowships

The application deadline for the first Asa Briggs Visiting Fellowships is 12pm on 6 January 2016.

Named after a 'founding father' of the University and its second Vice-Chancellor, this new and prestigious scheme will enable inward visits for internationally outstanding academic collaborations to work on specific projects with Sussex faculty.

The scheme is not restricted to the University's strategic institutional partners but is designed to enable our researchers to engage in collaborative work with the best people in their field regardless of their institutional base.

The scheme aims to:

  • increase internationally co-authored publications
  • increase and diversify our sources of funding through internationally collaborative grant applications
  • enhance Sussex's global research reputation
  • expose our research students to a range of leading scholars from around the world 

Asa Briggs Fellows are expected to be based at Sussex for a period of between two weeks and three months.   
We anticipate that between two and five awards will be made annually.

There should be a clear plan for collaborative research outputs. Outcomes from the visit should 
include co-publications, joint external grant applications and a public lecture. Asa Briggs Fellows may be 
expected additionally to deliver research seminars and PhD workshops but should not be expected to deliver 
core teaching.

Funding will cover the Fellow's travel, accommodation, visa costs and stipend which may be used for subsistence, with a total award not normally exceeding £10,000.

Deadline: 12pm 6 January 2017. 

Further details about the scheme and information on how to apply is available on the Sussex Research website

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Last updated: Monday, 12 December 2016


25 March 2011



Dr Sharon Smith

Dr Sharon Smith, who was employed by the University in 2008-09 as a postdoctoral researcher, died on 13 March following a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Sharon was part of the Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies.

Sharon was an ordained Buddhist in Triratna (formerly Western) Buddhist Order UK, where she was named Vijayatara.

Her research report on LGBTQI Buddhisms in the UK - for the 'Queer Spiritual Spaces' project - was exemplary. It was complex and interpretive in understanding socio-cultural differences and intersectionality, showing a profound depth and range of historical and textual knowledges.

Sharon was a commensurate professional and produced work to the highest academic standard; her writing was detailed and managed to convey an immense expertise together with insight and grace.

Sharon was a very special colleague, who had a peaceful and warm presence, an unusual patience and gentle humour. She was supportive and generous, honourable and kind.

We were very fortunate to have her as part of the team, and to have her wonderful company.

Professor Sally Munt Director, Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies