Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

Trump, Brexit and the Rise of Authoritarian Populism

Poster for Trump, Brexit and the Rise of Authoritarian Populism roundtable

Friday 2nd December 4-6pm 

University of Sussex Pevensey 1 1B2 Falmer BN1 9RH Brighton United Kingdom

In Brexit and the election of Donald Trump we have seen the rise of Authoritarian Populism in Britain and the US. Figures such as Trump, Farage and Johnson are not alone. Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Vlaams Belang in Belgium appeal to individuals’ dissatisfaction with neoliberalism using national, racial and authoritarian language.

This has precursors through history, not least in Thatcherism, for which Stuart Hall coined the term. What makes Brexit and Trump significant is they come at a time when neoliberalism has started to turn in on itself. Its liberalisms cannot withstand its inequalities, its façade of democracy cannot withstand its disenfranchisement. In this transition, popular appeals to racialised violence and security have made substantial headway, often across assumed political, ethnic, class and gendered divides.

There is an urgent need to develop the right questions, language and action to address what is happening. This roundtable invites you to come and discuss your ideas and air your concerns on Brexit, Trump and the rise authoritarian popularism.

The roundtable will begin with a series of short provocations from academics and students working in the areas of race and racism and postcolonial studies. From here the floor will be opened for debate.

Short provocations have been invited from: Simi Dosekun (Sussex), Malcolm James (Sussex), Helen Kim (UEL), Savannah Sevenzo (Sussex SU), Rob Topinka (Sussex), Aaron Winter (UEL)

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