Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

SCCS Seminar Series

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The SCCS Seminar series has included the following talks:

  • Alana Lentin - 'Post-race, post-politics: the paradoxical rise of culture after multiculturalism'
  • Sally R Munt - 'Resilient Identities'
  • Janice Winship - '"Green seals" and "spare parts", "Lutons" and "wardrobes": A problem of "buying" at Marks & Spencer in the mid-1990s?'
  • Simon Coleman - 'The Charasmatic Gaze'
  • Peter Pick - 'Reading the signs - caution, triangle people ahead'
  • Ben Highmore - 'Re-visiting culture is ordinary'
  • Stella Sims & Rosemary Shirley - 'The Rockabilly Revival and Representing the 1950s' and 'Keep Britain Tidy: Litter, paranoia and the non-metropolitan everyday'
  • Margaretta Jolly - 'Activist life writing and the political life course'
  • Sue Currell - 'Garden City Breeding: implementing eugenics in the suburbs'

 In 2009 the Centre held a series of five research seminars on Cultural Embodiment, which included papers by invited speakers from Lancaster University, The University of Brighton and The University of Sussex:

  • Prof Maureen McNeil – 'Classy Subjects:  British feminist working-class autobiographical texts of the 1980s and 1990s'
  • Dr Katherine Johnson - Visualising Queer Mental Health: A LGBT photography project in Brighton
  • Dr Thomas Austin - Damaged Bodies in Documentary: Black Sun and Murderball  
  • Olu Jenzen & Sherri Foster - The Queer Uncanny and Queer Twins
  • Prof Simon Coleman – ‘The Charismatic Gaze’