Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

Multiculturalism: Where Do We Go from Here?

ECREA’s Diaspora, Media and Migration section
in co-operation with Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

28 – 29 March, 2014
School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex, Falmer, Great Britain

The ‘crisis’ of multiculturalism has been on the agendas of European countries for the past decade. Politicians all over Europe talk about the ‘failure’ of the multicultural project, a few even refer to the ‘nightmare’ of multiculturalism. We have witnessed some attempts to map the state of multiculturalism in contemporary societies and the workshop seeks to consolidate these and develop new directions of research for our field. What is the actual state of multiculturalism in contemporary societies? Does the term retain an analytical and political value? What policies exist at various levels of governance aimed at managing ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, and how have they shifted during this period of supposed crisis?

We welcome proposals for papers dealing with policies and everyday practices that characterize living in contemporary multicultural societies and those that explore the intersections between such policies and practices. How have migrant-led groups and anti-racist networks responded to the intensive politicization of multiculturalism? What impact has this insistence on crisis had on media actors, and what roles have they played in affirming or challenging dominant narratives? The idea of everyday ‘lived multiculture’ is often opposed to the ‘nightmare’ scenarios of the past decade, but what does this idea mean in ethnographic terms, and in media activity? How have media institutional policies and practices negotiated multiculturalism’s heightened politicization? How have transnational, participative digital media networks impacted on national debates and events?

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