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Gendered Orientalism

Gendered Orientalism poster

10th Feb 2017 – Gendered Orientalism?: Counter Terrorism and the Gendering Anti-Muslim racism - USS Stratford. It is USS1.01 from 6-9pm.

It would be difficult to deny that anti-Muslim racism forms part of contemporary racism in the UK, Europe and the US. The evolution of this racism is, as with early iterations, an explicitly gendered process. Muslim women are bearing the brunt of anti-Muslim discrimination and racial violence in the form of ‘burka rage’. At the same time, Muslim men are the modern day folk devils, ever at risk of radicalisation and regarded as culturally predisposed to commit sexual violence. State interventions combined with inflammatory media depictions of Muslim differentiate between the victimhood of Muslim women and the unique patriarchy of Muslim men. The policy landscape of counter terrorism provides a legitimating backdrop as a range of social problems are conflated under its umbrella – violence against women, sexual grooming, to learning English as a second language. This session will examine this emergent gendered Orientalism (Abu-Lughod 2013).

In this seminar we will be exploring these issues with

Dr Naaz Rashid, Dr Nadya Ali and Dr. Waqas Tufail