Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

1948 - Seventy Years on - Programme and Abstracts

Programme and Abstracts [DOCX 27.86KB]


9.00-9.30      Registration and Refreshments

 9.30-9.40      Welcome and Introduction

                     Janice Winship

 9.40-11.05    CHAIR: Sharif Mowlabocus

 ‘Children, junk and the promises of democracy’

Ben Highmore (20 mins)

 "Give me your tired, your poor/ your huddled masses":

the 1948 Displaced Persons Act and US refugee policy'

Maria Lauret (20 mins)

 ‘Anti-semitism from Fagin to Corbyn  

Andy Medhurst (20 mins)

 11.05-11.25   Refreshments

 11.25-12.40   CHAIR: Margaretta Jolly 

 Empire Windrush and racial encounters: war children of black GIs meet African-Caribbeans’

Lucy Bland (20 mins)

 ‘Polaroids: the capture of the now then’

Caroline Bassett (20 mins)

 'Nationalization and after: the case of coalmining as seen through Blue Scar (Jill Craigie, 1949)'

Lizzie Thynne (10 mins)


Bob (Robert) Lumley (10 mins)

 12.40 – 2.00 Lunch (incl. announcement of winners of ‘Bare Cupboard Bake Off’)

 2.00 – 3.25    CHAIR: Thomas Austin            

'How do you feel about 1948? Mass Observation and the politics of feeling’

Claire Langhamer  (10 mins)  

 HRH Prince Charles: Born to Reign?’

Ros Brunt (20 mins)

 'Resisting Communists in Power: Czech Protest Slogans in 1948 and 2018'

Monika Meykova (20 mins)

 '‘Striking contrasts: industrial creation and industrial conflict, France, 1948’

Lizzie De Cacqueray  (10 mins)

 'A spiritual union? Britain and Europe in 1948'

Alban Webb (10 mins)

 3.25-3.45      Refreshments

 3.45- 5.15     CHAIR: to be advised      

 By someone the victim knows”: women and the domestic thriller’

Katherine Farrimond (10 mins) ‘”

 ‘Scrapbook for 1948’

Kate Lacey (20 mins)

 ‘Two hot summers and questions of periodisation'

Charlotte Brunsdon  (20 mins)

 ‘From “baby boomers” to “designer babies”: reproductive politics 1948 to 2018’

Maureen McNeil  (20 mins)

 Close 5.30

 5.30/6.00- 7.30 Reception