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Addiction research and theory: a commentary on the Surgeon General's Report on alcohol, drugs, and health. 
Aldo Badiani, Kent C. Berridge, Markus Heilig, David J. Nutt, Terry E. Robinson. 

Addiction Biology (2017 Feb 21)


The Office of the Surgeon General recently produced its first Report on the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse on health, making several very laudable policy recommendations. The Report also emphasizes the importance of adequate funding for biomedical research, which is good news for both researchers and patients.

However, the Report is marred by a biased viewpoint on the psychology and neurobiology of drug addiction. We highlight here four controversial issues that were depicted as facts in the Report, thereby potentially misleading non-expert readers about the current state-of-the-art understanding of the psychology and neurobiology of drug addiction.

It will be important to recognize a fuller range of scientific viewpoints in addiction neuroscience to avoid amplifying this bias in the coming years.

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