Sussex Addiction Research and Intervention Centre (SARIC)



The School of Psychology is delighted to announce the establishment of the Sussex Addiction Research & Intervention Centre (SARIC) and the appointment of Professor Aldo Badiani as Director for the centre.

Owing to a unique concentration of researchers with diverse expertise, the centre encompasses all aspects of drug and alcohol abuse, including theoretical modelling, neuroscience, human laboratory, clinical psychology, clinical trials, epidemiology, and policy issues.  Particularly important is the research collaboration established between SARIC and another Rudd Centre for Adoption Research Practice, with a focus on the epidemiological aspects of drug abuse and on the development of prevention strategies.

Another important aspect of SARIC strategy is to develop international collaborations with research groups, clinical facilities, and institutions concerned with drug addiction.

Thus, the SARIC aims not only at improving our understanding of the neurobiology ad biopsychology of substance misuse but also, by pursuing a translational approach extending into clinical intervention, at making a meaningful impact on the daily lives of individual with substance misuse problems and their families.

Aldo BadianiDirector

Professor Aldo Badiani
Pevensey I
Room 2B19

T: +44 1273 872503

Theodora DukaBoard of Co-Directors

Professor Theodora Duka
Pevensey I
Room 2B23

T: +44 1273 678879

Dr Daniel MichelsonDr Daniel Michelson
Pevensey I
Room 2C5



Dr Bryan SingerDr Bryan Singer
JMS Building 
Room 5D11

T: +44 1273 876650

Advisory Board

Professor Colin Drummond
Addictions Department,
King’s College London (London, UK)

Professor Gordon Harold
Director, Rudd Centre, School of Psychology
University of Sussex (Brighton, UK)

Profesor Marcus Heilig
Director, Centre for Translational Psychiatric Research
University of Linköping (Linköping, Sweden)

Professor David Nutt
Director, Neuropsychopharmacology Unit
Division of Brain Sciences, Faculty of Medicine
Imperial College (London, UK)

Professor Tom Ormerod
Head of School, School of Psychology
University of Sussex (Brighton, UK)

Professor Terry Robinson
Director, NIDA Training Program in Neuroscience,
Department of Psychology,
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

Professor Dai Stephens
School of Psychology
University of Sussex (Brighton, UK)