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Here's your chance to help us advance the science of consciousness! Below you will see links to some of our online studies along with a brief description of each. More opportunities to participate will be added in the coming days and weeks.

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Sackler Centre Research

What is Consciousness?

Lead Investigator: Dr. David Schwartzman

This brief questionnaire aims to assess public attitudes towards and understanding of consciousness and related issues, to take part please click here.


Everyday experiences and awareness of differences

Lead Investigators: Dr. Christopher Brown and Nora Andermane

In everyday life we often have to detect slight differences between objects and scenes and make decisions based on whether there is, or is not, a difference or change. For instance, you may have to adjust your behaviour depending on whether you are aware of a car approaching in the distance, or whether someone has moved something of yours on a table. There is a wide degree of variation across people's conscious experiences of change and difference. We intend to measure this variation and determine whether different experiences can be linked together, and whether this can reveal different processes underlying consciousness.

If you choose to participate you would be asked to complete a questionnaire designed to measure your personal conscious experiences of everyday sensory events. You would then be asked to complete two tasks: a cross perception task, which measures how similar/different you judge simple features to be to each other, and a flicker change detection task, which measures your ability to detect small changes between two nearly identical real-world scenes. The study will take approximately 20 - 25 minutes to complete. At the end you will be debriefed and given an opportunity to learn more about the study.

To take part please click here

Our Collaborators

Decision-making and self-evaluation

Lead Investigator: Dr. Steve Fleming

Institution: UCL

In this study we are seeking to investigate the insight people have into their own decision making and how this shapes their future actions.

The entire experiment will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. To take part please click here


Other Research Opportunities


We are interested in getting to know more about all kinds of synesthesia. If you are a synesthete and you are interested in getting involved in our ongoing research, please have a look at the information here.


We are always interested in recruiting new volunteers who want to take part in brain imaging studies. If you would like to be a participant for an upcoming imaging study, please have a look at the information here.