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Here's your chance to help us advance the science of consciousness! Below you will see links to some of our online studies along with a brief description of each. More opportunities to participate will be added in the coming days and weeks.

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Sackler Centre Research

Investigating the dimensions of sensitivity in the virtual rubber hand illusion

Lead Investigator: Dr. Keisuke Suzuki. 12/08/20

In rubber hand illusion (RHI) experiments individuals watch while an experimenter stokes their real hand and a fake hand synchronously. If the two hands are stroked synchronously and in the same direction, the individual may experience the rubber hand as their own. The degree in which individuals are susceptible to this illusion differs greatly. 

This study aims to investigate the dimensions of individual sensitivity to the rubber hand illusion paradigm using virtual reality. The entire experiment will require 40 minutes of your time.

Your participation will be invaluable in aiding our understanding of what dimensions of sensitivity affect the virtual rubber hand illusion.

If you would like to take part in this experiment please click here 


Catastrophic thinking and the reaction to emotionally salient stimuli

Lead Investigators: Dr. Maxine Sherman, Prof. Sarah Garfinkel. 07/08/20

In this research study we are investigating the relationship between catastrophic thinking and the reaction to emotionally salient stimuli. Do individuals who more commonly experience catastrophic thinking tend to be drawn towards emotionally salient stimuli? Do they build associations to these stimuli more quickly and retain them for longer?

To address these questions, you will be asked to complete two short questionnaires and one behavioural experiment.

One questionnaire asks about the thoughts and feelings had during painful experiences
One questionnaire asks about strategies to cope with pain
The behavioural experiment involves viewing pairs of faces and responding to a dot that appears behind one of them. The faces will be threatening, neutral and inviting.

The experiment only takes around 30 minutes and there is the option to enter a raffle for a 1-in-5 chance of winning £12.

If you would like to take part, please click here or send an email to sk718(at)


What is Consciousness?

Lead Investigator: Dr. David Schwartzman. 05/07/17

This brief questionnaire aims to assess public attitudes towards and understanding of consciousness and related issues, to take part please click here.


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We are interested in getting to know more about all kinds of synesthesia. If you are a synesthete and you are interested in getting involved in our ongoing research, please have a look at the information here.


We are always interested in recruiting new volunteers who want to take part in brain imaging studies. If you would like to be a participant for an upcoming imaging study, please have a look at the information here.