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Brain journal logoRae, C. L., Polyanska, L., Gould van Praag, C.D., Parkinson, J., Bouyagoub, S., Nagai, Y., Seth, A.K., Harrison, N., Garfinkel, S. N. and Critchley, H.D. (2018) Face perception enhances insula and motor network reactivity in Tourette syndromeBrain 141:11 3249-3261

Brains of people with Tourette syndrome react differently to emotional faces

The symptoms experienced by people with Tourette syndrome often get worse in social situations. New research at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) suggests that the reason may be because the brains of people with Tourette syndrome are hyper-responsive to social cues, including emotional facial expressions.

Research Fellow Dr Charlotte Rae, who conducted the study, said: “People with Tourette syndrome often report that their tics get worse in stressful social situations where they are under public scrutiny. Now for the first time, functional MRI scanning has shown how this is probably occurring – through an increase in activity in the insula, and the signals that this area sends to the regions of the brain that cause tics. This understanding may help us to work on new therapies for people with Tourette syndrome, by developing ways to manage the increase in insula activity in such scenarios.”