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The Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science publishes research in a wide range of high quality journals and other scientific publications.

We have made selected publications by Sackler Centre scientists available online.  Sackler Centre faculty also edits prominent journals in the field. Anil Seth is Editor-in-Chief of Neuroscience of Consciousness, and Jamie Ward is Editor-in-Chief of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Recently published:

  • Rae, C.L., Davies, G., Garfinkel, S.N., Gabel, M.C.E., Dowell, N.G., Cercicgnani, M., Seth, A.K., Greenwood, K.E., Medford, N., and Critchley, H.D. (in press). Deficits in neurite density underlie white matter structure abnormalities in first-episode psychosis. Biological Psychiatry

Intra-cranial depth electrodesA popular line of thought in consciousness science is that, since conscious experiences are both diverse (at each waking moment the possible repertoire of conscious experiences is vast) and integrated (each conscious scene is unified), the underlying neural processes should also be simultaneously diverse and integrated. In this study we focused on measuring diversity, and performed an analysis on depth electrode data from 10 epilepsy patients, recorded during wakeful rest and different stages of sleep. In line with the theory, we found a very robustly measurable decrease of 3 distinct diversity indices during deep (non-rapid eye movement) sleep compared to wakeful rest. This decrease was observed in all 10 patients when utilising data from across the whole brain. In addition, in almost cases the decrease could be observed in each individual brain region. One of the indices we analysed is the Lempel-Ziv index, which captures how difficult it is to compress the data. The other indices captured the diversity of the coalitions of active or synchronous regions that arose. We found further that diversity recovers somewhat during the course of the night, and that for dreaming (REM) sleep, the indices score as high as for wakeful rest.

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