My main research interests involve consciousness in one way or the other. I’m interested in (almost) any philosophical, computational, and neuroscientific account that tries to grapple with the problems posed by conscious experience. Often that involves tackling fundamental philosophical, computational, or neuroscientific issues that are indirectly connected with consciousness. Recently, I have been looking closely at the sense of presence in perception, the sense of agency in thought (both through PP lens), and at how the brain might perform causal inference.

More broadly, I tend to engage with philosophical questions arising out of work in philosophy of mind, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience and artificial intelligence research. Nowadays, I am particularly keen on developing an account of mental representations from a complex system perspective and coming to grips with deep generative models and their relevance to explain cognition and the mind.

If any time is left, I like to ponder over more fundamental questions in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of physics.