Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science


The Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science and its research have been widely covered in the media, reflecting a strong public interest in consciousness science

2019 media articles and appearances

Image of Sarah GarfinkelTHE interview with Sarah Garfinkel (paywall) Aug 19   
Nature logoSackler Centre's hallucination machine features in Nature article Jul 19Science of Success podcast logoAnil's Science of Success podcast April 18 
Times Higher Education logoThe Sackler Centre's VR research features in this Times Higher Education article May 19Wired logoAnil Seth's TED talk cited in Wired's Culture article June 19 
CPH_DOC_logoAnil Seth talks about controlled hallucinations at CPH:DOX* 2019 Mar. 19Bulletproof radio logo"Challenging perception and our conscious experience"; Anil Seth speaks to Bulletproof Radio May 19 
The Week magazine logoSarah Garfinkel's Aeon article picked up by The Week Mar. 19Gigwise logoAnil Seth named in Gigwise interview as one inspiration behind Cinematic Orchestra's latest album Mar. 19 
Anil Seth of front cover of Chilean newspaperAnil Seth is front page news in Chile Jan. 19Congreso Futuro logoAnil Seth speaks at Congreso Futuro 2019 Jan.19 

2018 media articles and appearances

Guardian logoSarah Garfinkel speaks to the Guardian about interoception and anti-anxiety therapy Dec. 18The Atlantic logoAnil Seth talks about hallucination in this animated video by The Future of Storytelling Nov. 18 
BPS-logoInterview with Sarah Garfinkel in the BPS's The Psychologist Dec. 18
BBC logoSarah Garfinkel features on All in the Mind. BBC Radio 4 Nov. 18 
Scientific American logoAnil Seth on psychedelic research and consciousness in Scientific American Oct. 18Ever Widening Circles logo'It's true, we don't see the world the same.' Anil Seth's interviews feature in this EWC article Nov. 18 
Science Nordic LogoAnil Seth's article in Nordic Science Oct. 18TED Radio Hour logoAnil Seth talks about controlled hallucinations on TED radio hour Oct. 18 
GQ magazine logoReview of The Most Unknown in GQ magazine Sep. 18Vimeo logoAnil Seth voices Vimeo's animation on the neuroscience of perception as part of its Future of Storytelling series Sep. 18 
BBC logoAnil Seth features in BBC 4's The Joy of AI Sep. 18Sarah GarfinkelSarah Garfinkel included in prestigious Nature Index 2018 as one of 11 outstanding early- to mid-career researchers globally Sep. 18 
Dubai Future Talks logoAnil Seth speaks at the Dubai Future Talks May 18Science Cover page July 2018Review of The Most Unknown Jul.18 
Smart Drug Smarts logoAnil Seth speaks with Jesse Lawler on the Smart Drug Smarts podcast May 18BBC logoSarah Garfinkel talks to the BBC about how our heartbeat shapes our thinking April 18 
Vice video logoAnil Seth and Warrick Roseboom feature in new documentary, The Most Unknown Feb. 18Sam Harris waking up podcast logoAnil Seth in conversation with Sam Harris for his Consciousness and Self Waking Up Podcast  Jan.18 
Wired logoAnil Seth answers Neuroscience questions from Twitter Jan. 18WRadio LogoAnil Seth talks to W Radio Columbia about our Hallucination Machine Jan. 18 


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