Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science


The Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science and its research has been widely covered in the media, reflecting a strong public interest in consciousness science


SR22David Schwartzman and Keisuke Suzuki speak to The Times about their hallucination machine (Nov. 17)Pete LushPete Lush's project at the Sackler Centre features in a New Scientist article (Mar. 17) 
Charlotte RaeCharlotte Rae’s MRI research on features in new short documentary: Brent’s Big Brain Hack (Nov. 17)robotProfessors Anil Seth and Alan Winfield question how human we want our robots to be in the Guardian (Feb. 17) 
NewscientistArticle in The New Scientist about the Sackler Centre's research on psychedelics (Apr. 17)Anil SethAnil Seth in conversation with Kevin Fong about public engagement and science (Jan. 17) 
Robin Ince and Brian CoxAnil Seth on BBC Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage discussing whether we are living in a simulation (Aug. 17)Bridge_deepReview of a pair of talks by Anil Seth and Andy Clark (Edinburgh) as part of the Human Mind conference events (Sept.17) 


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