Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science

Forthcoming and recent events

CNI Seminar - fMRI project proposals. 1. Visual Sensitivity. 2. Learning about preferences and outcomes of others

Tuesday 10 December from 13:00 until 14:00
CISC Seminar Room
Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging (CNI)
Magda Del Rio Forster & Jolyon Joseph Miles-Wilson

Study 1, Visual sensitivity: individual differences in brain responses. Study 2, Learning about the preferences and outcomes of others: an fMRI study

Localization of cognitive functions in the brain: from phrenology to connectomics

Wednesday 11 December from 12:00 until 13:00
Pevensey 1 1A6
COGS Open Lectures
Jamie Ward

The extent to which different regions of the cortex are specialized for different cognitive functions has endured for nearly two centuries. This...