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Sussex surges into The Times’ top 20 universities

23 June 2011

Sussex has surged into the top 20 universities of The Times newspaper’s Good University Guide for 2012 – a climb of 21 places in two years.

Sussex research showcased in top UK report

16 June 2011

Research at Sussex on electrical sensors is featured in a major report on the most important projects taking place in universities today.

How men's lifestyles double their risk of an early death

16 June 2011

A major new report reveals that death rates of men aged 16-64 is twice that of women in the same age range in the European Union.

Looking back to the future: Sussex celebrates research success

13 June 2011

Leading arts, science, government and public service figures were among the guests of the University at a dinner at the Royal Society in London.

Student buzzes the skies to map bee-friendly crops

8 June 2011

University of Sussex bee research student Mihail Garbuzov is a real high-flyer.

Wellcome funds ‘outstanding’ cancer research at Sussex

2 June 2011

The University of Sussex has been awarded just over £2.5m by the Wellcome Trust’s new fund for the “brightest minds in science”.

Brain study shows why alcoholics fall off the wagon again…and again

31 May 2011

A new University of Sussex study adds to our understanding of why recovering alcoholic patients find it so hard to give up boozing for good.

How sensors can detect the crime-solving clues at our fingertips

19 May 2011

Sensor technology developed at the University of Sussex could soon be helping forensics teams date and identify fingerprints.

Ainsley Harriott tours the bee lab for BBC food show

28 March 2011

TV chef Ainsley Harriott joined researchers at LASI for breakfast to learn more about the honey bee for a new BBC series about British food.

Talking about a resolution – is intervention in Libya justified?

24 March 2011

As hostilities continue in Libya, the world is waiting to see whether international intervention will help to resolve the conflict.

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