Caring About Care: Promoting successful trajectories through the development of more human-scale systems

Tuesday 3 July from 10:30 until 15:30
Gardner Tower Room, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (ACCA)

Hosted by the Centre for Teaching and Learning Research (CTLR)

Engaging the public in mental health research

Wednesday 11 July from 12:30 until 16:00
Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton BN1 1YD

Would you be interested in sharing your ideas on mental health research in Sussex?

Determining the Most Attractive Plants for Bees and other Flower Visitors

Saturday 28 July from 11:15 until 15:00
Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex
LASI summer workshop

Bees and many insects visit flowers to gather nectar and pollen. However, not all flowers are equally good for insects, so which are the best?