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Simple test could identify bladder cancer patients who won’t respond to immunotherapy

20 August 2018

Patients who are unlikely to benefit from a commonly used immunotherapy for bladder cancer could be identified by a blood test, say BSMS researchers.

Realising Europe’s soft power in external cooperation and trade

16 August 2018

The University of Sussex is part of a global consortium researching Realising Europe’s Soft Power in External Cooperation and Trade (RESPECT)

Continued success for Sussex in AHRC funding bid

15 August 2018

The eight members of a consortium including Sussex are celebrating continued funding to support PhD researchers in the arts and humanities.

Link between common ‘harmless’ virus and cardiovascular damage

13 August 2018

BSMS researchers have found an unexpectedly close link between a herpes virus and the occurrence of immune cells damaging cardiovascular tissue.

Brighton and Sussex Clinical Trials Unit awarded registration

25 July 2018

The Brighton and Sussex Clinical Trials Unit has been awarded provisional registration and is aiming for full registration in three years' time.

Photographer challenges visual stereotypes of the developing world

23 July 2018

A doctoral researcher at Sussex claims many organisations working in Africa are using stereotyped images in their fundraising appeals and reporting.

Sussex chemist celebrated by international society

19 July 2018

In recognition of his 65th birthday and his research career, the Royal Society of Chemistry have published a collection of Prof Geoff Cloke’s work.

Sussex quantum physicist gives evidence to MPs on future of technology

18 July 2018

A University of Sussex quantum physicist has given evidence to MPs about how quantum technologies have the potential to transform our world.

Sussex brings international stakeholders together in support of freedom of religion or belief

16 July 2018

Academics from the University of Sussex held a recent event in Parliament to discuss the importance of supporting freedom of religion or belief.

University of Sussex Business School academics celebrate success with Emerald Literati awards

13 July 2018

Outstanding journal papers and reviewers from the Business School rewarded with prestigious awards recognising their research excellence and impact.

Items 1 to 10 of 647

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