Research impact films

Previous Sussex Impact Award winners discuss their research and how their work is making difference in society.

Professor Louise Serpell, 2016 Sussex Impact Award winner.

Louise Serpell explores the routes she has followed from fundamental research to bringing effective treatments for dementia to patients and carers.

Professor Tony Moore, 2016 Sussex Impact Award winner.

Tony Moore explains how his discoveries have led to positive change in areas from food security to human health.

Dr John Drury, 2015 Sussex Impact Award winner.

John Drury’s research has helped public bodies to understand the psychologies of crowds, and to use that knowledge to manage crowd behaviours effectively in crisis situations.

Professor Alison Phipps, 2015 Sussex Impact Award winner.

Alison Phipps describes how her work on sexual violence on campuses has overcome initial opposition to generate on-going change in university communities.