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The University of Sussex typefaces

The University’s typographic style is intended to be clean and bold. It has a weight and authority that say we are a serious, high-quality institution, but it also conveys creativity and energy.

To this purpose a bespoke font has been designed, University of Sussex Baskerville Titling. This is a unique typeface created specifically for the University of Sussex, taking a traditional design and renewing it.

University of Sussex Baskerville Titling is intended for use in our professionally designed publications and signage. It should be used for display purposes, titles and headline copy.

For body copy in professionally designed pieces we use Franklin Gothic ITC. We are showing that the authority of the serif typeface, and the modern sans serif for content, work strongly together.

We promote the use of the Arial typeface, which is widely available on PCs and Macs. Arial should be used on letters, documents, faxes and newsletters, and all documents that are not professionally designed.

For detailed guidance on how to use the Sussex typefaces in print publications, refer to University of Sussex Branding Guidelines: Typefaces [pdf 1807K]

Using the University typefaces in your print publications

University typefaces for use online