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G DaveyProfessor Graham Davey is the first British psychologist to have written several textbooks specifically for psychology students in the United Kingdom.

Published in colour, written in plain English, and using examples and statistics, from the UK, Graham’s books are both engaging and accessible to undergraduates.Psychopathology

Both Psychopathology, and Complete Psychology extend their accessibility by recommending journal articles that psychology students in the UK can access, free of charge, through the university library. Both books also provide links to web resources such as multiple choice questions and flash cards, all of which helps students build students private study and enhance their learning.Complete Psychology

Psychopathology is useful to psychology students throughout their undergraduate studies; the first year elective ‘Psychology and Social issues’; second year elective ‘Abnormal and Clinical Psychology’; and third year option ‘Clinical Psychology’. However, this book also outlines the UK’s main mental health issues and service provision, which is useful to students considering a career in mental health services.Applied Psychology

Similarly, Applied Psychology, the UK’s first full-colour book on applied psychology generally, and a core introductory textbook, gives students a clear view of what it is like to be a professional psychologist in six different applied areas. It also provides information on how students can get training in those six fields. ‘A sizeable percentage of students come to study psychology with the intention of being a professional psychologist, so I feel we have a duty to tell them about such work’ states Graham.Clinical Psychology

Written specifically for Sussex students taking the ‘Clinical Psychology’ option in their third year, Clinical Psychology is is a genuine module text; based on the module and written by staff teaching the module. Such synchrony between module and core text provides students with a robust course of study, and it not often to be found at other universities. 

Furthermore, Graham bases his teaching on his four textbooks. Thus students can read about issues discussed in lectures in further detail in the textbooks so as to develop their understanding and knowledge. In addition, ‘writing these books has made my teaching more relevant to the most contemporary and important issues in a given topic’ says Graham ‘as well as providing me with a guaranteed holiday in the sun each year!’ laughs Graham. But note his sun-tanned pic!