School of Psychology

Pro-social and Pro-environmental Behaviour

Here the focus is on prosocial motivation, prosocial behaviour and on the factors which lead people to take actions that impact positively on the well-being of others. For example, factors affecting donating (e.g., blood, organs), volunteering, citizenship, attitudes towards pro-environmental actions, activism and engagement in pro-community actions. Themes that permeate this research are concern for the welfare of others (at individual, community and global levels) and the boundary conditions for the translation of prosocial motives into positive action.    


  • What encourages and inhibits caring about others’ welfare?
  • Which is it better to promote, morality or compassion?
People: Tom Farsides

Pro-environmental action

  • How do people react to global environmental threats?
  • How can pro-environmental action be promoted?

People: Paul Sparks

*Image courtesy of Sophie Sheinwald photography