School of Psychology

Intergroup Relations, Group Processes and Collective Behaviour

There are three broad research areas under this heading. One is concerned with how individuals are affected by participation in crowd events (e.g., riots, social movements, mass emergencies and celebration crowds). The second line of work focuses on the origins of intergroup prejudice and effective means of reducing it. 

Collective participation

  • How do people's identities affect their behaviour in collective actions and mass emergencies?
  • How does participation in crowd events transform people's identities? 
Faculty: John Drury

Crowds and Identities: John Drury's Research Group

Excellence in Research: 'The Crowd' Project


REF2014 Impact case study: Improving crowd management practices 


Intergroup prejudice

  • What factors and which practical interventions are likely to reduce prejudice and promote greater tolerance between groups?
  • What can help bring about reconciliation after severe intergroup conflicts?
  • How are people's emotions affected by what happens to the groups they belong to and what role do those emotions play in people's behaviour towards members of other groups? 
Faculty: Rupert Brown
Labs: Hate Crime Project

Excellence in Research: The Hate Crime Project 

Optimising refugee resettlement in the UK project 

*Image courtesy of Sophie Sheinwald photography